Giving students ownership over their assessment and performance data in a fun, personalisable, rewarding application.

An app for students to keep track of their assessment and performance information across every school subject.

Great for students

According to national guidelines, Ofsted and schools, assessment for learning is key to a students progress. Overshot makes capturing and interacting with this data compelling in a way that pen and paper can never be.

Great for schools

Students will always be aware of where they are, what their target is and what they need to do to improve. With Overshot, teacher feedback will never be lost on pieces of paper or old workbooks again.

Great for parents

See your childs’ progress as it happens, see teachers feedback about how they can improve in each subject. Overshot has easy to read data instead of confusing Flightpaths. Parent teacher meetings need never be a shock again!

An educational companion for students

Research shows that Assessment for Learning (AfL) improves educational outcomes for students of all abilities.

A core part of AfL is that students understand where they currently are, what they are aiming for and what they need to do in order to get there.

Arguably, this is the most critical information a student will receive during their time in education.

We have taken this information placed it into a playful, personalised, rewarding app that students carry with them at all times.

We believe that giving students access and ownership over this data gives them ownership over their progress. It ensures that at all times they have access to the information they need to succeed.

Main Features

Grades and predictions

Students will know for every subject what their current grade is, their prediction in that subject and exactly what their teacher says they need to do to improve.

Rewards and personalisation

Achieving targets, good behaviour and attendance streaks are rewarded with badges and personalisation options. The better a student does the more rewards they get, the more they can personalise their avatar.

Tailored feedback for each student

Targets, goals and rewards are based on what is good for each individual. A 5 for one student might be on target (good!) while an 8 for another might be below target (not so good!).

No extra work for teachers

The app takes official grading from SIMs (or other existing school system) while students add undocumented grading and teacher comments with photos or audio. The teacher assesses and feeds back as they have always done.

Real-time reporting for parents

Parents can see their childs’ progress as it is happening in school and how the teacher is feeding back to them in each subject. Instantly know what subjects the child is good and bad at, which the are falling behind in, attendance and behaviour.

Ofsted assessment

Students understanding their assessment information is key to their learning according according to Ofsted and is central to questions asked during inspections.

How it works?

1. We take anonymised data from a school’s system - we currently support SIMS, Wonde and 4Matrix. The data we collect are grades and targets for each subject, behaviour and achievement points and attendance.

2. The Overshot system stores this data securely and anonymously in line with GDPR regulations.

3. Students then access this data through their app on their smartphone (iOS and Android).

4. When given marks and feedback from their teacher, students capture this information as well with the app giving them a single point of storage for all of their performance and assessment information.

Personalisation and Rewards

Students can personalise their avatar and dress them up with rewards for good performance and behaviour.

Badges are awarded in each subject for keeping on target and over-achieving.

Our Team

Jonathan Shrago

Product Lead

Bogdan Demeny

Tech Lead

JC. Monroe

Design Lead

A core part of assessment for learning is that students understand where they currently are, what they’re aiming for, and what they need to do in order to get there.